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Upgrade Archives Web Machinist Version 7.5

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Added in Web Machinist Version 7.5:

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Spur Gear Calculator.  Simply enter the "Number of Teeth", "Diametral Pitch" and the "Pressure Angle" and let the "Spur Gear Calculator" take care of the rest!  What a time saver.  Rather than having to look up complicated formulas in the Machinery's Handbook, Spur Gear Calculator will do the time consuming job for you and instantly give you the dimensions that you need!

And that's not all!  Also included now is a Module (Metric) Spur Gear Calculator:

Simply input the Module and Number of Teeth and the Calculator does the rest for you!

Another addition is a Round Tube Weights Calculator to the "Metal Weights Calculator" in Web Machinist:

Also added 2 Simple Lathe Cam "Custom" Calculators: