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Gage Blocks Calculating

Ok, we all at some point need to calculate the Gage Blocks needed from a set of gage blocks in order to obtain a desired height.

For instance you are setting a sine bar to a certain angle and the Gage Blocks height needed is 3.6742”

The idea is to select the fewest number of Gage Blocks to obtain the desired Gage Blocks Height.

How do you choose the needed gage blocks?  The answer is fairly simple:

Step 1: Eliminate .0002 by selecting a .1002 Gage Block

Step 2: Subtract .1002 from 3.6742 = 3.574

Step 3: Eliminate .004 by selecting a .104 Gage Block

Step 4: Subtract .124 from 3.574 = 3.45

Step 5: Eliminate .45 by selecting a .45 Gage Block

Step 6: Subtract .45 from 3.45 = 3.0

Step 5: Eliminate 3.0 by selecting a 3.0 Gage Block

Step 7: Subtract 3.0 from 3.0 = 0  (Gage Blocks List Complete)

Gage Blocks Needed are: .1002, .124, .45, 3.0 = 3.6742 Blocks Height

Gage Block Height Needed = 3.6742

Gage Blocks Needed: .1002, .124, .45, 3.0

An easier way to calculate Gage Blocks needed for a desired height, is to use the Gage Blocks Calculator that is included in the Web Machinist Software Program.  (See example below)

The Gage Blocks Calculator easily calculates the needed gage blocks for heights of up to 10” and is based on a standard 81 piece inch set of gage blocks.  The calculator is included in the Web Machinist Software below:

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