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The “Swiss Army Knife” for Machinists!  45+ Machining Calculators Included!

New!  Just released Web Machinist 5.0 for Windows!

Web Machinist Software is an all inclusive program for windows computers. It has a Tool Nose Radius Compensation Calculator that calculates the compensation for both internal and external angles with or without radii & fillets and can also generate the G code for easy copy and paste, True Position Calculator, Threading Calculator, Material Weights Calculator, Hole Location Calculator, Right Triangles Solutions Calculator, Bolt Circle Patterns Calculator, Feed Rate Calculator, Angles Conversion Calculator, Drill Peck Calculator, Sine Bar Calculator, Wheel Bolt Patterns Calculator, Lease Payment & Loan Amortization Calculator, Metric Conversions Calculator, Tap Drills & Feed Rates Calculator, Spindle Speeds Calculator for RPM to Surface Speed and Surface Speed to RPM, Blue Print Symbols, Screw Sizes for both Cap Screws and Self Tapping Screws, Center Drill Dimensions Calculator, Counter Sinks Calculator, Drill Index Reference, Soft Jaws Milling Calculator, Dovetail Measuring Calculator, 3 Wire Thread Measuring Calculator, Gage Block Calculator. 38 Calculators Included!

What’s New in Web Machinist 5.0?  Check it out:

Simple Lathe Cam

The Simple Lathe Cam tool tip radius compensation calculator in Web Machinist 5.0 now includes a “Cut-Off” chamfer calculator. A “print G-code” function has also been added.  More Info

Machining Formulas Reference Guide

The Machining Formulas Reference Guide in Web Machinist 5.0 now includes a Calculator for each set of machining formulas.  More Info

Drill Index

The Drill Index in Web Machinist 5.0 is now the “Smart Drill Index” Not only does this Drill Index provide the sizes of Fractional, Number, Letter and Metric drills in both inches and millimeters but also suggests the speed and feed rates for common metals! More Info

Web Machinist 5.0 now includes a menu to check for a program update.  If there is an update available it will inform you of it and where to get it.

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Threading Calculator

Now included in Web Machinist 5.0 is a huge Metric Threads Calculator. M0.25x0.075 to M600x6 Metric Threads for External and Internal Metric Threads including 3 wire measurement calculations and Inch Equivalents!

More Info

Threading Calculator

Now included in Web Machinist 5.0 is Metric Equivalents for the Unified Threads Calculator!

More Info

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Angles Conversion Calculator

Area Calculator

Bolt Circle Calculator

Countersinks Calculator

Dovetail Measuring Calculator

Drill Peck Calculator

Equipment Lease Calculator

Feeds & Speeds Conversions Calculator

Gage Blocks Height Calculator

Metal Weights Calculator

Right Triangles Calculator

Sine Bar Set-Up Calculator

Simple Lathe Cam

Spindle Speed Calculator

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Threading Calculator

True Position Calculator

Wheel Bolt Pattern Calculator

3 Wire Thread Measuring Calculator

Soft Jaws Milling Calculator

Reference Tools:

Blueprint Symbols for the Machinist

Center Drill Dimensions

CNC Alarms

Custom Software Development

Calculating True Position

Countersink Depth to Diameter Calculating

Dovetail Measuring

Fadal G Codes

G Codes

Gage Block Calculating

Machining Formulas

Metal Weights Calculating

Metric Conversions for the Machinist

Right Triangle Calculating

Sine Bar Set-Up Procedure

Spindle Speed Calculating

Tapping & Threading Formulas

Tool Nose Radius Compensation Calculating

True Position Calculating

3 Wire Thread Measuring Chart

Web Machinist Software:

Angles Conversion Calculator Angles Conversion Calculator Dovetail Measuring Calculator Lease Payment Calculator Feeds and Speeds Conversions Calculator Gage Blocks Height Calculator Metal Weights Calculator Right Triangles Calculator Sine Bar Set-Up Calculator Simple Lathe Cam Tapping Calculator Threading Calculator
Drill Peck Calculator for Deep Holes! True Position Calculator.  Easily calculate the True Position of Holes with or without Maximum Material Condition (MMC) !

Web Machinist Software Tutorials:

Angles Conversion Calculator Tutorial

Bolt Circle Pattern Calculator Tutorial

Center Drill Dimensions Calculator Tutorial

Drill Peck Calculator Tutorial

Hole Location Inspection Calculator Tutorial

Lease Payment Calculator Tutorial

Metal Weights Calculator Tutorial

Sine Bar Set-Up Calculator Tutorial

Tapping Calculator Tutorial

True Position Calculator Tutorial

3 Wire Thread Measuring Calculator Area Calculator

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